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Welcome to STBB2's blog.

Today we launch our new website and welcome you all to the most exciting adventure, a true world-first to be achieved and we welcome our new vessel Xenios for refit with the wonderful sponsor Boatfolk, Portland Marina, from the 19th May 2021.

We aim to raise as much as we can so please visit our charity page to donate to these wonderful charities, helping our Young overcome the mental struggles of COVID and today, and help save our ocean for generations to come.

To support the expedition, buy a Big Blue Ocean Bottle and show off a piece of Atlantic history to your friends. Not only will you support the expedition, but your purchase will also be supporting those working overseas to clean beaches, and retrieve the very plastic your bottle is made of from the oceans, driving the economy and lowering poverty, and ensuring our futures are preserved by keeping our oceans free!

Follow Ben and his team from today, as together, they prepare to achieve the extraordinary.

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