Progress … And exciting departure …

What a week this has been. Good gym (thanks to @FitnessFixers - Bex Francis) and swim training, but securing further equipment sponsors including Sola Wetsuits, ASG by Brunswick supplying Mastervolt energy systems for a potential Xenios refit, and Jo Ludlow has joined us with her network.

We also welcome Mental Health charity MIND Herefordshire, which we will endeavor to support throughout. Of course, it is not always plain sailing. With the team dynamics to manage; social media; website; and sponsor acquisition, and management ... and training, the weeks continue to be challenging. But the feeling of progress, achievement, and the opportunity to succeed feel greater than ever. Thank you to all of our Sponsors and Boatfolk for their ongoing excitement and support and welcome aboard all of our charities.

It is hard to believe, but it is only five months, almost to the day, since Jerry & I had a brief, four-and-a-half-hour conversation...

1000hrs, Sunday 16th May 2021 - Xenios set sail from Ireland. Thank you, Jerry and Crew. She should arrive by Wednesday 19th May in Portland for a potential refit, thanks to Jerry and Boatfolk. Safe voyage Jerry and team.

Together, we will achieve the extraordinary.

Xenios destination - Boatfolk's Portland Marina

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