502 Days to Go!
502 Days to Go!

My apologies for the delay in writing a second entry, life has been manic, to say the least. As I am sure you can imagine, it is not just a case of training to swim across The Atlantic but the organizing of the team, logistics, seeking out corporate sponsors, visiting Xenios and preparing her works list, PR, charity engagement, and working with the incredible sponsor's we already partner with. So, I do apologize for the radio silence. A huge thank you to Russell, our Cheif Mate, for his attending Xenios, making her safe, and beginning housekeeping tasks around sheets, lines, mooring, and even some internal tasks.

ASG continues their incredible support and has now visited Xenios regarding potential upcoming installation - keep an eye out for possible installation updates and videos. Lifeventure confirms they will be dispatching their incredible sponsored equipment to the vessel in 2021 for our crew's travel needs and my own, making life a little more bearable - Thank You, Richard.

Welcome and thank you also to Swift Signs of Weymouth and Paul, for producing the great banners and posters for Boatfolk's Eco event - it was great to meet so many, and thank you, especially Margaret who on hearing of the swim walked home, purchased bottles and promptly told her family of adventurers all about us. Thank you all for your support and purchasing two Big Blue Ocean Bottle's. It was lovely to meet you and it was lovely to meet Chris & Chris of Paul's family (Portland Marina Ops Manager) and Jen, Jess, and Matt from Frontline Coffee - wonderful people; incredible support, and I hope their coffee will be joining us to fuel us all in 2022 - although Bex states clearly no coffee for me after 2 pm - I guess I could watch them drink it in the evening instead 🙁

Meanwhile, the long list of works to be completed and sourced for Xenios continues to grow; from carpentry to designing of an entry/exit device for myself, and more. The search continues for an electric RIB engine capable of handling The Atlantic swells and conditions, and we drive on to raise the final budget needed for key expedition items and training. Jo Ludlow has kindly organized a fundraising event for the 31st of July (tickets are available here). Ticket proceeds will go to MIND Herefordshire and items such as STBB2 UK to Senegal Xenios sailing legs; Ocean Bottle's and "put your name on Xenios," will be for sale to help fund expedition costs for those attending on the night (a Big Blue Ocean Bottle, of course, is open to all of you - help us save our oceans and fund the expedition by purchasing a bottle - you will never need another drinks bottle again).

Finally, Guinness World Records have accepted our record application for 2022 - 2023 and with our media launch due 29th August 2021, it will truly be exciting to share with the world our plans, desires, and dreams. Should we all not have them? Help our communities, oceans, environment, and inspire our futures? God willing, we will.

We continue to make great progress, and although at times nerve-wracking, stressful, and often tedious, we move already far faster and are more enhanced than that of this time in 2014. It is truly humbling and if not for all of the support from our sponsors, swimmers, followers, and charities, we would not be able to contemplate taking on such an epic feat. Thank you all.

Training continues to be challenging, tough, at six days per week, using the gym and the pool with Bex from @fitnessfixers (Instagram) until I can get funds together and COVID lifts enough, to allow me to train overseas in the ocean and in the heat. The pain is worth the gain. From this week, I will go to daily 2-hour swim sets, with gym following three of those sessions. Distances will be 23 - 30km swim per week as I strengthen, increase stamina and condition my body for what is to come. With 502 days to go, we have time to prepare. However, with interruptions for expedition meetings, sponsors, and life, this time will be needed. All on track and progressing nicely at the moment.

End of 4km pool set

With all of this in mind, I thank you all, our followers, our sponsors, and our charities as we continue to prepare and develop for a true world-first. Don't forget to follow @swimthebigblue2 on Twitter & Instagram and donate to our charities in support of the swim.

Together, we will achieve the extraordinary.

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