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Tell Ben ...

It’s not normal to want to swim across an ocean, it takes an exceptionally strong willed and forceful personality to even think about doing it.  Where other’s may criticise and doubt Ben, with the support of his family, team, sponsors and all the good people around him he will shun difficulties, overcome barriers and prevail to make it to the start line in Dakar, Senegal in October 2022. 

And that’s when it gets really tricky, that’s when he needs your help ...  

Support Ben when he’s at his lowest, when he knows he has to get in again and again and again, day after day after day for up to 200 days.  Let him look up or over at the boat when swimming and know he’s not alone in believing that he can do it, because you are part of his team too. 

How can I help and become part of your team to get Ben to Brazil ... 

Since the 1960’s people have been using Post-It-notes to create messages.  Tapping into this established movement of messages, Ben is asking you to write a short Post-It-note of support for him or the his charities that he is showcasing Jigsaw, Young Minds, Ocean Generation and MIND Herefordshire.

The yacht is to be completely wrapped in a digital vinyl hull wrap (see the image above for example), showcasing a collage of your thousands of different Post-It note messages. These will be proudly displayed and accompanying Ben as he becomes the first person to verifiably swim across the Atlantic Ocean: every single mile.  Your messages will be carried across the ocean in a unique symbolic gesture indicating your strong support towards what is possible and inspire others to take action to look after themselves and the planet's oceans. 

Together, we can achieve the extraordinary... 

Fill out the form below to submit your own post it message. Write an action that you are already taking to look after your mental health or support for healthy oceans worldwide.  Or simply write a positive message of support to Ben & his team. He’ll read them all and get back in touch with as many people as he can.

    On submitting your message, you agree to receive only information from and related to, STBB2 expedition. For example, expedition updates, Ben swimming updates and charity fundraising updates. You will not be contacted by any other party beyond STBB2 as your details will not be shared with any other party or 3rd party and will only reatined for 36-months by STBB2. Your details will be removed if requested in writing by email via this website's contact page. 

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